API Vessel

The design of the AES-28 is based on a 316 stainless steel, 28 litre / 7.39 gal (US) vessel, which comprises a weld pad level gauge and integral cooling coil as standard.

The vessels have a design rating of 45 bar @ 100°C / 652.7 psi @ 212°F. The AES-28 range has a choice of three vessel options, including a screwed connection vessel, a socket welded vessel and a butt welded vessel.

All three vessel options are fully compliant with API 682 and can be used on API plans, 51, 52 and 53A. A variety of component options are available to adapt the vessel to specific pump applications. These options include electrical equipment which is supplied as intrinsically safe or explosion proof.


  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME V III Div 1 and PED 97/23/EC - Suitable for a wide range of arduous environments. Design rating of 45 bar @ 100°C / 652.7 psi @ 212°F  
  • 316 SS vessel and weld pad construction    - Robust vessel suitable for a range of challenging environments       
  • 28 litre / 7.309 gal (US) vessel -Large barrier fluid capacity for seal cooling
  • Modular design - A number of intrinsically safe and EEXD explosion-proof instrumentation options can be fitted