API Plan 32

FLOWTRUE - Flow Meter 

The AESSEAL FLOWTRUE® is a robust and adjustable flow meter that controls the amount of water flowing to the mechanical seal for cooling purposes. The unique and advanced FLOWTRUE® design means that of all the flow meters available it is the least likely to clog. This is due to large internal clearances within the design. There are three models of the FLOWTRUE® available, which enables the product to be used on packing applications, single seals and double mechanical seals.  


  • Flow cartridge has a tapered design, which gives larger internal clearances to reduce clogging         
  • Use of segmental valves to control flow provides large clearances to reduce clogging        
  • Innovative flow tube cleaning mechanism enables the FLOWTRUE to be cleaned without interruptions to flow or pressure          
  • Non-return valve as standard protects the integrity of plant water line          
  • Modular design enables application specific ordering and for the FLOWTRUE to be updated and repaired         
  • Allen key flow and pressure adjustment restricts operator error