API Plan 54

PUMPPAC Forced Circulation System

AESSEAL supplies a range of efficient and high performance forced circulation PUMPPAC systems. The PUMPPAC range was developed to meet the requirements of the API Plan 54 piping plan, which maximises heat dump potential for the more arduous pump applications. Each PUMPPAC is adaptable to a wide range of industry applications with the fitting of additional instrumentation.


  • PP-FDU (Fluid Distribution Unit) – Supplies pressurised water, oil or mixes to mechanical seals or can be used to create a low cost localised fluid distribution to seal auxiliary systems
  • PP-O1 (Oil PUMPPAC) – Used for the distribution of oil to mechanical seals
  • PP-SOU (Special Oil Unit) – Low cost oil PUMPPAC for less arduous environments
  • COMPACT 107 – Innovative pressurised manifold system to feed multiple mechanical seals