Double Mechcanical Seal


The CDFI™ / CDFC™ bridges the product range gap between the CDSA™ and DMSF™ differentiating itself in two areas. The hybrid design offers a metal-to-metal inboard drive and an integral bi-directional pumpingdevice, allowing the seal to fit in radial cross sectional spaces as small as 0.312" (8mm). The CDFI™ / CDFC™ is available in any AESSEAL®standard seal face and elastomer combination. 



  • Integral deflector guides barrier fluid under faces and extends seal life
  • Incorporates highly effective bi-directional pumping ring to maximise barrier flow and increase seal life
  • Bi-Metal CDFI™ / CDFC™ options also include exotic allow wetted components at minimum price premium for use with corrosive chemicals
  • Hydraulically balanced seal-face technology for reduced power consumption
  • Non-shaft-fretting sleeve elastomer and positive set screw shaft drive
  • Independant seal face design to enhance safe containment of process fluid in the event of damage to any individual sealing element
  • Multiple spring seal face loading
  • Sizes available from 1.125" to 5.000" (28mm - 125mm) in standard and ANSI Plus gland formats