Component Bellow Seals


The BSAI™ range is available in a wide range of seal face and elastomer combinations, together with self-aligning, DIN, CURC™, T, L shaped or boot mounted stationaries. 

With 50% more bellows than the industry standard (12 instead of 8) there is less stress on each convolution in the bellows stack which helps increase seal life. AESSEAL® standard bellows material, Alloy 276, has superior mechanical and corrosion resistance properties than other industry standard bellows materials such as 300 series Stainless Steel or Alloy 20. The hydraulically balanced bellows unit is available in a variety of different material options with either elastomer or graphite packing sealing rings.


  • Short working length suitable for BSEN 12756 (formerly DIN 24960) housings
  • Suitable for limited space applications
  • Hydraulically balanced for reduced seal face loading, which maximizes seal life and allows for vacuum service capability
  • BSAIG™ features graphite packing with excellent chemical resistance
  • Sizes available from 1.000" to 5.000" (24mm - 125mm)