Durco Power Ends

Save time and money by buying complete Power Ends.  All power ends come complete with the bearing housing, bearings, shaft (in either 4140 or 316ss), foot and Labyrinth style bearing isolators. The frame adapter is optional. All power ends are stored and shipped vertically to avoid brinelling. Please identify what size frame adapter and shaft type you would like to be quoted on your power end.

Group 1

Part Number Shaft Material Adapter
D1301(S)-4140 4140 No Adapter
D1301(S)-316 316ss No Adapter

Group 2

Part Number Shaft Material Adapter
D2301S-4140 4140 No Adapter
D2301(S)-316 316ss No Adapter
D2301S-4140-8 4140 8" Adapter
D2301(S)-316-8 316ss 8" Adapter
D2301S-4140-10 4140 10" Adapter
D2301(S)-316-10 316ss 10" Adapter
D2301S-4140-13 4140 13" Adapter
D2301(S)-316-13 316ss 13" Adapter

Group 3

Part Number Shaft Material Adapter
D3301S-4140 4140 No Adapter 
D3301(S)-316 316ss No Adapter 
D3301S-4140-14 4140 14" Adapter
D3301(S)-316-14 316ss 14" Adapter
D3301S-4140-16 4140 16" Adapter
D3301(S)-316-16 316ss 16" Adapter